An Epic Fist Bump

It’s the final battle - you close your eyes and draw in a deep breath. As you raise your arm for the preemptive strike, you realize that both you and your opponent are perfectly in sync. We all know that Rule #1 of any multiplayer versus mode is that the first to strike is the last to fall.

But what happens when both players attack first? Imagine two swordmasters slash their blades at the same time, both taking damage, but nothing really happening. Kind of boring, no?

One of the things we always try to do for our players in Georifters is to make them feel cool even when the situation is, well, not so cool.

For a long time during development, we observed players in multiplayer. What they did was launch themselves from their starting points, fists flying, straight into the chaos. Which--not going to lie--is exciting and breathtaking to watch, but when players happened to punch each other at the exact same time, they both received damage and were momentarily stunned.

Not particularly exciting right?

So in that situation, both players had the right idea: punch first and ask questions later! And if you're into anime, you know that when fists collide it’s a way to understand your opponent, to read their heart or see into their past. I digress… (and most likely have been watching too many movies and anime lately) anyway, back to the topic;

Both players had the same intentions and happened to do it at the same time - but the game punished them both for it. We felt we could definitely do something about this...

We discussed within our team for different solutions and players also gave us great feedback. We knew that the solution needed to make players look cool no matter what they did--to make them feel cool, and not to punish them for being assertive. So how could we take this situation and make both players feel like a winner?

Enter the “Parry-Punch”

We already created a mechanic to parry missiles and various other enemy creature projectiles, so why not extend the depth of this into multiplayer and allow players to parry punches? With a bit of programming, art, and witch-craft, we implemented a really cool feature: So now if two players both punch each other at the same time, rather than both looking kind of silly and losing a heart; you get to see this epic flash of FX and both players push each other back slightly. Nobody loses a heart, or looks stupid--both players look cool, and both get the chance to give each other a high five or a fist bump.

And just for fun we tested this with 4 players?

Heck you can even do it in the air.

There's a lot that goes into making a game, and we’re always wanting to improve. Trying to think how we can add more depth, fun, and make the player look and feel naturally cool. Please let us know what you think about it, or if you have other ideas and suggestions for us, send us a message!