Eight new levels for the price of $Free

We're back again and this time with new levels! We hope your ground shifting and platforming skills haven't gone soft because we've got a full 8 new hand crafted levels for all game modes: Two new Battle Arena levels, two new Time Challenge levels, two new Match Challenge levels, and two new Match Arena levels.

These new levels will keep you and your friends busy as you go head to head in the new Battle Arena or Match Arena levels or play nice and cooperate in the Match Challenge levels. There's more of everything for everyone. And these levels are super duper fun because they contain a brand spanking new block type: the Radical Ray.

The Radical Ray is a uber strong beam that hurts like fudgeballs if you get too close. It's quite a puzzle when you have to navigate around these things but they can also be used to fry your opponents or annihilate any monsters who happen to look at you funny. You're going to see a lot of these bad boys in the levels, so watch out and have fun!

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