Free Winter❄ update out now

Our second free update is out now, yes, right now! There's so much in this free update, new game modes, skins, new 2p-4p pvp levels, new co-op levels, balance requests and most importantly, love 😁 grab it now on Xbox , Switch or Steam Read on for more details;

- We believe there's no such thing as an overachiever; A whole new set of achievements and badges have been added to the game. Some of them are challenging, yes, but don't worry because others are even more challenging! But we know your sense of pride and accomplishment can't be purchased, so suit up, sit down, and get to it!

- New Game Mode, "Match Challenge", help the Georifters investigate the strange shapes that result from fluctuations in the fabric of the space-block continuum.

- New winter themed outfits for each hero designed to warm your soul (but not necessarily your body 😀)

- New game mode, "Match Arena". Matches are the name of the game in Match Arena. How it works is that 2-4 players go head-to-head or team-to-team to see who can make as many matches as they can.

- New "Radical Ray"; There are three rules to the Radical Ray. One, don't touch it. Two, don't touch it. And the third, we forget. Unlike the laser traps, these rays cannot be taken over.

- We've noticed that we've been going too easy on all of you with the "Lazer Traps". Well, not no more we ain't! We've up'd the challenge of the "Lazer Traps" so that they are much harder to get past now. You wanted challenge, you got it.

- Introducing the Large Neutral Block! It's way bigger than your standard neutral block and comes in two flavors: big and very big. You can move it about using your various abilities as you would a normal block, but it can also be smashed into smaller blocks with a Power Punch and a few other ways as well. The Large Neutral Block can really be helpful when it comes to outsmarting puzzles or really crushing or blocking your opponents. It opens up several new and exciting options for players to take advantage of in different ways in single or multiplayer modes.