Hero Spotlight: Dr Schnoz 👃

Meet Dr. Schnoz, MD. That means Master Deodorizer. Dr. Schnoz is obsessed with making things smell clean. After receiving his PhD in Odorology at the School Of Advanced Scratch & Sniff, Dr Schnoz embarked on a life long career of cataloging every smell possible. And I mean every smell. Want to know what untreated caterpillar dandruff smells like? Or the tropical plant from which scientists harvest new shoe smell? Or the top 5 odors most likely to embarrass you at a dinner party? Well Dr. Schnoz has the answer. And its all on his blog "How Everything Smells by Dr. Schnoz".

However, Dr. Schnoz has a particular revulsion to offensive odors and will stop at nothing to eliminate any smell that "doesn't belong" or to restore the smell balance so that all smells are "in harmony". For example, one time, Dr. Schnoz gave his date an old onion and said that it went well with her breath. That's just how devoted to smell harmony Dr. Schnoz is.

As a senior Deodorizer of Scentland, Dr. Schnoz has very little personal time. Most of the day he is out and about eliminating offensive odors around Scentland with his dedicated odor fighting tool "The Schnozinator". It is a supercharged custom arm mounted vacuum that can suck up any unwanted odors. But The Schnozinator's suction power can be reversed and used to blow out high velocity aromatic currents of whirling gases and air that pushes everything out of its destructive path including blocks, pickups, and unwanted guests. It's basically a mini-tornado that smells like honey-soaked lavender. And if you're not careful then it'll be the last thing you ever smell.