Hero Spotlight: Meet Candy 🍬

Meet Candy. Last name Cinnamon, Candy Cinnamon. She's a fiery redhead from Sweet Spot who doesn't take "no" for an answer. Or "yes" for that matter. She kind of does her own thing. She's a spunky trouble maker and has a penchant for good old fashioned mischief, especially when it involves showing Chief how much of an old fart he is. But don't let her mischievous nature fool you, Candy is a kind hearted soul who really only wants to hang out with her friends down at the Bubble Gum Mega Market after the bells are out at Sugar Hype High School.

From an early age Candy showed high aptitude in Bubble Gumatics. That's the branch of Candy Science dealing with all Bubble Gum related phenomena. Candy learned the art of bubble gum shooting after her parents got her her first pair of bubble gum cannons for her 4th birthday. Within the hour Candy's house was completely covered in bubble gum. Fourteen years later Candy's mom still hasn't gotten it completely out of the carpets.

Using her dual bubble gum cannons Candy can blast out rapid streams of hot pink bubble gum that sticks to things that she can then pull in towards her. Candy can pull blocks and pickups from afar, move platforms closer to her or father away from her opponent, or even send a spike block flying right into somebody. Ouch! All with the power of her bubble gum cannons. Some people might call Candy a bubble gum freak, but some people might also find themselves suddenly stuck to walls and ceilings.