Hero Spotlight: Meet Chief 👩‍🚒

Meet Chief BonBon, Sweet Spot's first chocolate based firefighter 👩‍🚒. Some know him only by his famed chocolate musk smell 🍫, but Chief is best known for his heroism during the great Candied 🌶Jalapeno Wildfire where he single-handedly saved Sweet Spot from certain destruction. Remarkably, he was also the only eye-witness to see and report on the incident.

Chief's legacy as a fiery chocolate-spewing firefighter led him to establish Sweet Spot's first chocolate based fire department. The results of fighting fire with chocolate have been somewhat mixed, but Chief remains a beloved and reliable resident of Sweet Spot.

At one point Chief actually ran for president, but once it got out that he loves spicy red pepper chocolate, an extremely controversial chocolate in Sweet Spot, he dropped out of the race. His primary equipment is his Chocolate Hydrator, a special device that collects his chocolate sweat 💦 for later use to put out fires (don't ask us).

His Chocolate Hydrator can also be used for wicked fast terrain flipping.