Hero Spotlight: Meet Cranks🔁

Meet Cranks. He's the most famous and distinguished Gadgetologist in all of Stufford. He's also the only Gadgetologist in all of Stufford, but that fact never stopped him from wining numerous awards for the gadgets and gizmos that he invented. Cranks has been a prolific inventor all his life. But some of his peers criticize him for his overcomplicated solutions. Why, for example, they say, is a low orbit satellite required for the cleaning up of kitty litter? We have no idea, but we do know that Crank's Kitty Litter Be-Gone is the best on the market! (If you can afford the satellite).

Cranks' claim to fame was his invention of the unsliced bread. That's where he takes sliced bread and through a complex process involving nuclear fusion, genetic recombination, and a generous application of glue he fuses the bread back together until it's unsliced. It was a true testament to Cranks' creative and brilliant mind not mention his crowning achievement and a boon for the entire Stufford economy.

Many people have asked what the spinny thing on top of Cranks' head is for. Cranks has never said, but he's been noticed to occasionally spin it around before starting work or repair jobs. If he hasn't spun his spinny thing around in a long time then he will start getting tired. But Cranks can also spin it around to create a strange vortex of rotating energy that grabs hold of almost everything and violently spins it 180 degrees around. Cranks often uses this to make shortcuts or get rid of unwanted obstacles as he quickly runs to his next repair job. So best not to stand between him and his work.