Hero Spotlight: Meet Mighty B. 🎙

His name is B. Mighty B. He's a freestyling MC 🎤 from Musictown who keeps the beats beating, keeps the rhymes rhyming, and who doesn't stop the party for anyone or anything. I mean he really doesn't stop the party for anything. During the two week catastrophic power outage of Summer '08 that caused Musictown's devastating economic meltdown, Mighty B threw one of the best 14 day parties ever recorded. It was totally sick. Some people say that party is still continuing to this day.

When Mighty B is not busting moves at one of his after after parties, you can find him at his day job as a Senior Accountant at the reputable record label company: "Beatify©". Everyone has to pay the bills somehow, right. And you might say that Mighty B's electricity bills are through the roof, but he actually doesn't have a roof after it literally caught fire during one of his parties.

But Mighty B isn't all just for show. The gigantic portable subwoofer 🔊 he carries on his back is the real deal. He uses it to blast out powerful acoustic vibrations that radically alters everything in front of him. It's his signature move. If his path is blocked, or someone in front of him is being totally non-party, then Mighty B will unleash a seismic whirlwind of multichromatic vibrations that will send those bad vibes flying somewhere else.