It's aliiiiiiive ⚡

Phew, now that Halloween is done and dusted, Mighty B. would like to share with you a brief look at how one of the spooky outfits was bought to life!

For cranks we initially wanted to go with a headless knight idea, but there was a few technical challenges in actually implementing this with our current set up in the game, plus, a headless knight may be too scary for some of our players?

We normally go through a few rounds of exploration and discuss internally before settling on an idea, some of those ideas can be pretty creative :) Frankensailormoon any one?

In the end, for cranks we settled on a frankenstein theme; The bolt and screw 🔩 approach really seem to fit inline with Cranks' theme in general.

And there you have it, we got stuck on the Frankenstein theme (no pun intended) for Cranks 😊 hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane, and if you haven't already, go grab this free outfit in the game now.