New game mode: Matcher Maker Extraordinaire - Coming Soon!

We've got a brand spanking new game mode coming soon! It's called Match Arena. Matches are the name of the game in Match Arena.

How it works is that 2-4 players go head-to-head or team-to-team to see who can make as many matches as they can.

Matches are what happens when you move a block into an Anomaly. And Anomalies are strange shapes that result from unstable fluctuations in the fabric of the space-block continuum. So far so good? Basically you're trying to match everything you can before your opponents can. But if you're the cheeky type you can "unmatch" what your opponent has matched. So you'll need to keep your wits about you as you smash, flip, roll, and crush your way through some fast paced matching mayhem. But it's all in good fun!

Grab the game now on Xbox, Switch, or Steam 🎮 to get yourself ready for this upcoming free update!