Rolbert's Rollouts #1

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Georifters Update v1.0.1.41 is now available on Steam and coming to Xbox real soon.

Hey guys! Rolbert here to give you a quick rundown of all the fixes and improvements I am delivering to you--yes, moi--there were no other Georifters involved or harmed in delivering this patch, none of the developers worked on this. Seriously, I didn't get any help whatsoever.

Balance adjustments to ranking

With way more players competing for the high scores and better rankings we found that there was still more we could do to improve the balance of what ranks players achieved when they completed a level. Now achieving the different ranks, S through to C should be a little more fair and reflective of your performance.

No more speaking in tongues

Those crafty rifts were causing an issue where, when switching between languages, would every now and again, cause the game to be stuck in that language, and the only way for you to progress was to either learn the language, or open up google translate. Sorry if you already put down a deposit for that Chinese language course.

Unlockable upgrades progress meter

We have a ton of upgrades that players are able to unlock in the game, and some require a bit more effort to obtain. For players it was hard to see how much more work they needed to do to get their next upgrade, so we have now implemented a progress bar and a bit more information for players to be better informed about how far they need to go or what else they need to do to get that juicy upgrade for they're hero.

UI updates

There were some areas in the UI that we felt could be clearer for players, so we've gone and started to tweak a few areas to just make it a bit easier to discern certain elements and information.

Pop up messages

Discovered that an incorrect message would always pop up after players used in game rewards to obtain a swanky new costume; we've corrected that message. (Also, don't panic, all purchase are from your in game heroics, no real money transaction required ;) )

AFK Buddy

Some players were complaining about friends who left them hanging when they needed their support in the game, but still were able to take credit for all their hard work. We've fixed that, AFK players won’t be able to take unnecessary credits and crystals, they're going to have to get off their ass and work for it.

And many more....

The heroes of Georifters are always using their ability to shift code and art around to find more ways to improve the world, we've only reported on some of them, but there are a lot of under the hood fixes and improvements in this update, let us know if you like them or if you spot new ones you'd like the heroes to crush!