Rolbert's Rollouts #2

Georifters Update v1.0.1.69 is now available on Steam and Xbox.

Hey guys! Rolbert is back with another update for you to feast on! These ones are a little smaller, but just as tasty!

Balancing acts

The epic adventure Chapters "Follow the white light" and "Going Back... somewhere" -- thanks to the awesome support and feedback from the players, has received a bit more tweaks and twerks, we balanced things a bit to provide more balance to the various rankings awarded to the player. Give it a try, let us know what you think about the new balance.

Be kind rewind

Those rifts we're playing havoc on our auto tutorial videos, we found out that a rare few were not replaying as they were supposed to. Rolbert's fixed that for you, your welcome!

Crazy about crystals

The "Crystal Craze" achievement was not popping up for a few players -- This is now resolved and you should now be able to go crazy again. But try not to go too loco!

Rock shower

Not advised to shower with rocks, but if you do have the inkling for it, Rolbert's got you covered. We addressed an issue in chapter "The simplest solution is always the easiest" about how the rocks shower spawned around you.

Card collection

Fixed a minor issue affecting a few players where stickers did not update properly when you acquired new cards.

Overlapping terrain

If you don't notice this, then Rolbert's done his job well, we've done some under the hood polish on how blocks that occupy the same physical space behave. Physics yo!

And much more....

The heroes of Georifters are always using their ability to shift code and art around to find more ways to improve the world. We've only reported on some of them, but there are a lot of under the hood fixes and improvements in this update -- so let us know if you like them. And if you spot new ones that you'd like the heroes to crush, let us know!