Rolbert's Rollouts #3

Georifters Update v1.0.1.142 is now available on Steam and Xbox.

Happy Friday People! Rolbert here, bringing you another update! As always we'll explain some of the main highlights and skip stuff like fixed typo blah blah blah.

Punch Improvements

Big fist bump 🤜🤛to all of you who have been showing Rolbert some love with your feedback about using our ground bending "Punch" system; Rolbert has made a huge tweak to how it works.

The old implementation knocked players out of the flow when it was being used; you loved punching so much and wanted to be able to keep punching, but we also wanted to avoid spamming and button mashing and encourage some strategic elements in using this move.

With the new system, we think we've found the right balance, now you can go ahead and punch to your hearts content, but if you get too fast and too furious 😜, you'll get tired and will need to rest up a little bit before you can unleash another flurry of punches, but don't worry during that cool down time you can switch over to your other ability, or throw a weapon, thus guaranteeing you'll still be a danger to others 🐱‍👤

If you pace your self right in Adventure, you'll hardly ever enter a punch cool down state, but in the multiplayer battle arena where things are a lot more hectic, you'll need to use a lot more skill and your wits when letting your fists loose, let us know what you think about the new system?

Breath in💨, Breath out...💨

Added in some additional animation on our speech bubbles. That subtle breathing feeling is just so relaxing.

Energy System

The punch move, ability and a few other systems are interconnected, we tie them together with an energy system; So in making some updates to how punch works, we had to also completely re-work our energy system, this was not just for punch but also for some super secret future updates that we have planned for the future.

Wall hugging

We added in a new lean system, so if you keep running against a wall or object you'll just hug 🤗it instead of looking like your constantly ramming your head against a wall. Also works while crouched.

Divert power to the shields

Fixed an issue where the shields would not properly visually update when hit by a weapon.

Enemy balance

In Chapter "Are we there yet?" we we did a balance pass on "Spitball" for some reason he just was wrecking havoc on a few players "S" rank runs.

Steam Achievements

Updated some of the achievements descriptions in steam, so your not spoiled we don't list them out here.

And much more....

The heroes of Georifters are always using their ability to shift code and art around to find more ways to improve the world. We've only reported on some of them, but there are a lot of under the hood fixes and improvements in this update -- so let us know if you like them. And if you spot new ones that you'd like the heroes to crush, let us know!