Rolbert's Rollouts #4

Georifters Update v1.0.1.169 is now available on Steam and Xbox.

It's Friday People! and Rolbert is back! Today's rollout is all about langauges! and as always we'll explain some of the main highlights and skip stuff like fixed typo blah blah blah.


Rolbert, with a little help from Chief, have been hard at work localizing Georifters to Portuguese, so all you players in Brazil, Portugal, and Portuguese speaking countries can get in on the action. This was quite the learning experience for them, Rolbert and Chief had to go back and make some fundamental changes to the UI both in design and code. The great thing is that it's going to make it easier for them to bring Georifters to more languages in the future!

UI Improvements in

You may notice some subtle tweaks and changes to our UI. It's all to provide future support for not only languages but also planned improvements.

Lean into it

Fixed a few issues regarding how our lean system works

And much more....

The heroes of Georifters are always using their ability to shift code and art around to find more ways to improve the world. We've only reported on some of them, but there are a lot of under the hood fixes and improvements in this update -- so let us know if you like them. And if you spot new ones that you'd like the heroes to crush, let us know!