Rolberts Rollouts #5

Aside from our usual performance and quality of life improvements we have also included some new levels and something to help with players requiring more accuracy when manipulating the terrain using the punch system. And for those of you who like to game and exercise ("gamercise"), we added motion controls for the switch version of the game, Read on for more information;


* NEW Punch assistance system, an invisible system that makes that much easier to time and connect your punches with pixel perfect accuracy

* NEW Levels we’ve added 8 new levels for you to enjoy, check them out in the what’s new section

* NEW The Switch version of Georifters now fully support in game motion controls.


* Add text for “play video” in how to play

* Add what’s new media and text for new levels, and content


Fix and Update localization text

Fix Background buttflies should talk to main buttfly

Fix Battle Area level list

Fix battle arena conditions being fulfilled in other game modes

Fix big block sometimes becoming un-punchable

Fix blocks failing to move when player resets blocks

Fix cable being visible when using flip ability energy with non trebucheter characters

Fix Candy winter skin outfit texture

Fix Clear deathclaw and grenade when transitioning between stages

Fix Creature intros should rumble controller during attack

Fix disabled auto shoo for chief intro. enabled facing before conversation on lex intro

Fix empty space being displayed in between some level names in match settings

Fix gifable camera had some problem if player dies

Fix incorrectly highlighted option in mode selection

Fix kills text appearing twice on result screen in match battle mode

Fix Last enemy gifable moment triggered and got stuck during time challenge

Fix Lvl001_Stg008 can trigger HUD and cinematic mode at same time

Fix lvl19 stg 011 spinner should start running immediately

Fix MightyB energy sometimes blocked by big block

Fix missile moving in a circular loop

Fix Player can cancel charged punch during tutorial and Chief does not react

Fix skull fx when anchor block dispear

Fix special ability motion control tutorial

Fix Special ability tutorial ended too early if P2 activated it

Fix spinner got stuck lvl19 stg10 (increased deadline timer)

Fix 'Stylist' trophy not being unlocked on PS4

Fix The character does not remain towards the right hand side direction

Fix The exit portal is blocked by the bubble wall in sub-level 1 of level Assembly Line in Match Arena.

Fix The other players are unable to move their characters in the gameplay if any character loses all the lives in a level of Battle arena.

Fix time challenge failing to unlock after time attack option set to on in adventure mode

Fix transition to last stage lvl25 is very slow

Fix Trebucheter causing misplaced geometry on PS4

Fix trophy text

Fix unlock condition of 'Going Commando' badge

Fix VSync default value

Fix weapon behavior while going through portal

Fix what a comeback badge


Update changed camera mode to zoom out after last enemy gifable ends

Update character material update

Update Deathclaw AOE is too small

Update DLC unlock logic

Update engine to 4.25-plus-georifters-20210204

Update Exclude packaging Razer chroma files for PS4

Update expose parameters for fine tuning the metallic base color.

Update FMOD 2.00.14 for 4.25-plus

Update Freeze player character during gifable when last creature is killed

Update glitch FX for chief appearance

Update how to play video playback

Update level design on same stages to avoid neighbouring gravity zones

Update localization and fix for same text

Update localization for dlc text fix

Update no card text

Update plugin dlls

Update scale up out of bounds range to kill buttfly

Update trophy set version to 1.01

Update tweak buttfly background speech lvl002 stg004

Update whats new video playback