Welcome to the Battle Arena

The Battle arena is a place where you can go to, "Literally" crush your opponents; once you feel like you've mastered the tactical precision of the Adventure mode (Single Player/Co-Op), why not head over to the battle arena, where you can evolve your skills in a battle royale "lite" game mode where up to 4 players enter but only the craftiest survive.

The Rules are simple

1.Choose a hero, preferably one you built up an affinity for in the adventure mode.

2.Equip some upgrades, don't worry about getting it right first time, this is a great chance for you to experiment and tweak your hero to suit your play style or personality.

3.Ensure your wearing your Sunday best, because who doesn’t like looking fabulous whilst kicking ass?

Play with friends or foes, adjust battle conditions like choosing teams or every person for them selves, you decide, then go out there and grab as many of those crystals as you can!

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