What does a Georifter in a swimsuit look like?

We we're afraid that after you saw our spooky Georifters outfits that you may not have been able to sleep so well? Fear not, this time around we'd like to take you on a bit more of a wholesome journey.

Even though summer is over and the cold is fast nipping at your heals, take a look at this visual development for our Cranks' swim suit outfit, hopefully the wholesomeness of this will warm you up🏄‍♀️

During the 🔍exploration phase the team settled early on a swimsuit/beach theme, so most of our early sketches revolved around exploring what a Georifter swimsuit would look like 🤔.

As usual our talented artists generated a ton of ideas💡, making it hard (in a good way) for us to choose a final design. Despite this monumental challenge, our heroes managed to filter it down to about 5.

Finally, we settled on the unicorn float with surfboard design, I mean face it who doesn't like unicorns! they're bad ass! 🦄. The other designs are in the fridge, and someday we'd love to go back to them and create in game versions for you players to enjoy.

The swimsuit skins 👙 are coming to Georifters very soon. Grab the game now on Xbox, Switch, or Steam 🎮