What's hard, smelly, and best done once a day?

Why exercise of course! Sure, on one hand a ground shifting platformer is the last thing you would associate with exercise, but on the other hand Georifters is all about breaking new grounds.

And what better can we do with so much free time on our hands? The game now fully supports in game motion controls.

Using simple and intuitive motion controls players can navigate Bubble Worlds from start to finish by pushing, twisting, and flipping the ground every which way using punch and special ability gestures. Each gesture is as straightforward as chocolate cake and will bring you another new fun, immersive, and hands-on way to interact with the Georifters' world. The punches will feel more punchy, the twists more twisty, and the flips more flippy.

Each of the seven heroes comes with their own unique gesture which must be mastered in order to gain the upper hand on your opponents in Battle Arena and Match Arena modes or to take puzzle solving into your own hands while playing Adventure, Match Challenge, or Time Challenge modes by yourself or with friends. It's hands down the best experience motion controls has to offer and you'll even burn some calories in the process.

And if making excuses to avoid physical labor of any kind is your kind of thing, then you can simply disable or enable motion controls in game at any time. After all, we're not heavy handed about it. We know not everyone is as enthusiastic about motion controls as we are, so we don't want to force anyone's hand here.

But we recommend you give it a try because it's really an experience you have to try first hand.

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