🎁Free winter outfits

As part of our second free update we've included more outfits for you to enjoy. These new outfits are all winter themed, designed to warm your soul (but not necessarily your body 😀)

Each hero' outfit is a 3-piece set, Head, body, and legs; these can all be mixed and matched with any of the other sets in the game. Want to try combining a halloween theme with a winter theme? Or Maybe you just want that golden star on top of your head? Share with us you're crazy experiments (there are over 21 possible combinations per character, with more to come O.O)

Not to be out done by the other heroes' Chief decided to bust out his "Igloo Boogaloo" set. ⛸

Candy's ready to ring 🔔 her way to victory in style.

Check out Rolbert's "Ice fish master" set 🎣 ready to help you fish the win from your friends.

If your having trouble with your snow man Dr Schnoz is all geared up in his "Rescue Ranger" set.

Grab the new free update now, and try mixing and matching all the cool new costume sets❗

Out now on;